Deanna Dusbabek Photography fine art flower photography



Deanna Dusbabek Photography vintage swirl


Deanna Dusbabek Photography fine art flower photography

Collection I: 

La Vie En Rose

"The world is a rose, smell it, and pass it to your friends." --Persian Proverb

Flowers wither and die, but fine art lives forever. Instead of a bouquet for your wife, mom, sister, best friend, consider art instead. It will be an eternal homage to that person and a never ending reminder of your love.


This collection features Fine Art photographs that celebrate the queen of the flower kingdom: the Rose. Here you'll find lovely pieces meant to be viewed big and bold as gallery prints and canvases, but which also translate to museum quality gift cards that send a thoughtful message to everyone in your life.


Selected work are also available on large scale hand painted canvas. Please contact the studio for details.  

Collection II: "Seed Packets"

"A tree is a seed that never gave up on its dream to flourish." --Matshona Dhliwayo

Inspired by vintage seed packets, these pieces combine original photographs from the garden and digital collage in unique ways, resulting in art that's both familiar and fresh.

Wonderful touch of nostalgia in kitchens, dining rooms and other parts of your home that need something pretty and a bit whimsical. These pieces can be customized upon request to name the "seed company" after family and friends, which makes them perfect for all occasion gifting and weddings as invitations and favors.

Available as fine art prints and cards. Order individually or as a set of five. Please contact the studio for details.

Deanna Dusbabek Photography fine art flower photography
Deanna Dusbabek Photography fine art flower photography

Collection III:

Garden of Remembrance

"A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul." --Saadi

Images that capture the moods of the seasons of life, so they're perfect for gifting or printing large scale for a space in your home that needs a poetic and evocative statement piece.


These images merge original photographs from the garden with digital collage to create one of a kind art that blurs the line between paintings and photographs. 

Available as museum quality fine art prints, canvases, painted canvases and fine art cards. Please contact the studio for details.