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Karaline's mom Sherri has been a dear friend of mine for several years and she's blessed with two incredible daughters, Kate and Karaline.  Both are funny, charming, intelligent and drop dead gorgeous. And both have been gracious enough to sit for me for creative sessions that were about fun, play and just seeing what we could get. 

These types of sessions often yield some of my favorite images and Karaline's session did not disappoint. Young teens and tweens tend to get overlooked in portraits, because they're between milestones. But, they're so full of creative energy  that they're a joy to work with. 


Deanna Dusbabek Photography portraits for kids
Deanna Dusbabek Photography portraits for kids
Deanna Dusbabek Photography creative portraits




Karaline is a self-described tomboy who is on the Bainbridge Island Water Club Team, yet has a girlie side: she's an aspiring makeup artist and pretty darn good one, too. She did her own makeup for her session and we worked together on hair looks. Karaline was game to try just about anything so we decided to fashion a "dress" out of strips of tulle that were tied in the back for the image with the butterfly headpiece. With her lovely swan neck, and elegant stature, Karaline managed to make the impromptu gown seem like the real thing.

Celebrate your  teen and capture those fleeting moments between childhood and adulthood. If you'd like a creative portfolio of images and beautiful portraits to treasure for a lifetime, let's talk! (206) 779-4284

Deanna Dusbabek Photography portraits for teens




Our session began in studio with Karaline going through the Client Closet to see what she liked. She chose the blue corset and cream skirt for one look, then pulled the skirt up to use as a dress for another.


Nothing is as romantic and feminine as women and girls photographed with flowers, and Karaline brought new meaning to that during the outdoor portion of our session. The black and white image was taken just as spring blossoms emerged here in the Pacific Northwest and this part of her session was all about showcasing her among those blooms. I transitioned it to film grain for an extra dreamy look.

We enjoyed snacks, girl talk, various makeup techniques and photographed a range of looks for Karaline, taking cues from her mood of the moment. It was a great time and we got some incredible images.

Young teens and tweens are a special group of people, even though there are few life milestones in those years. But the only reason you need to book a portrait session for them is to honor where they are right here, right now. Don't wait.

Deanna Dusbabek Photography creative portraits
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